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Family Stories


Stable home = Stable life


A home is not about bricks, lumber, and siding; it’s about people. Families who don’t have to worry about their next rent increase, or about having to "make do" with a deteriorating rental property. Families who are committed to making their home look better in the future than it does today.


Your support of Habitat for Humanity helps real, Rochester families that have survived and overcome incredible hardships:


  • A pastor’s widow who had always lived in parsonages and had never built any equity in a  home.
  • A newlywed mom and dad that have a child with life-threatening disabilities and ongoing medical bills, all before they established themselves in their careers
  • A survivor of a horrible civil war in an East African nation, who lost both legs to a landmine explosion (now in college!)
  • A family who used their Habitat home as a “springboard” into entrepreneurship, starting an international grocery store


Family Story1Circumstances can take a person’s home, their health, or their loved ones, but it can’t take their spirit! Your support of Habitat for Humanity has helped these families, and many others, to rebuild and restart their lives.


None of these families need or want a "handout;" all just want a fair chance at the American dream. Please consider getting involved to help friends and neighbors like these have stable housing, as the start of a stable life. They’ll take it from there!