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Did You Know That…


  • Accomlishment1Every night in our region, over 235 children are tucked into their own beds, in their own bedrooms, in their own homes, thanks to the work of the community through Habitat for Humanity?  That’s a lot of sweet dreams and bedtime stories!
  • Once in a stable home, Rochester Habitat homeowners have experienced:
    • Their first family member graduating from college
    • Job promotions
    • Improved grades at school
    • Improved Health
    • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that YOU are your own landlord
  • Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity homeowners pay a total of over $200,000 per year, every year, in property taxes, to help build our community.



Since 1990, over 74 homes have been built or rehabilitated through the work of the community through Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity doesn’t build the homes; the community builds the homes through Habitat for Humanity. THANK YOU for your generous support!