Use your talents to help a family.

Do you love to build?  Work on a job site. 

Would you like to work with our families?  Consider joining the Family Selection or Family Patners Committees.   Are you a strategic thinker? Consider joining our Board. Do you have a creative flair? Help us with a special event. Whatever your talent, there’s a place for you to volunteer here.


Share your blessings by lifting up a hardworking family.

Charities Review Council - Smart Givers

Help a family to help themselves through your generous financial support.  Over 90% of all donated funds go directly to program services.  We have been certified as “Meets All Standards” by the Minnesota Charities Review Council. Donate now.


Ready to be a homeowner?

Equal Housing Opportunity

Being a homeowner is a significant responsibility that changes every aspect of your life.  If you’re ready to work hard for a long-term goal that could transform your family’s future, find out more about homeownership through Habitat for Humanity.  We’re not the right solution for everyone, but we may be the right choice for you. Apply here.